What’s been happening lately?

I’ve been a bit quite for the past 9 months, school and work have been keeping me super busy.  I’m wrapping up my next to last quarter before graduation right now…. One quarter left!

As such, I thought I’d take a moment and share what I’ve been doing recently in my PhotoShop II class.

Without any further ado, here are a series of images from this quarter that I particularly enjoy and would like to share:

Black and White:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

InfraRed for my final portfolio:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

An artistic word portrait:


Lastly an exercise in double processing which saved this image of El Carocal at Chichen Itza:


El Caracol - Double Process

I hope you enjoyed these images…. Only 1 quarter left until graduation.  Next quarter is Rapid Web Design and Design Studio III.  Perhaps with one or both of those classes I’ll be updating this blog on a more frequent basis again, otherwise, it’ll have to wait until schools out.



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