Almost there!

It’s coming up on graduation.  Just less than a month away!  I’ve been wrapped up in the craziness of last quarter, petitioning for graduation (and additional certificates and honors I’ve earned over the course of my college career), and an uptick in some work responsibilities (paired with busy season beginning at work).  Between all of that, it just seems that I haven’t really taken pause to be in the moment lately.

I find that part of me is a little sad that I’m not able to savor this final bit of school.  I’m sure I’ll take more classes – not right away – although, I am only a few classes away from a couple of other degrees at this point, so it seems silly not to just earn them too (over achiever that I am).  It’s just that this degree, my AA in Graphic and Interactive Design, is my first degree…. It means the most to me.  And most importantly  – beyond the education itself – this experience has reinforced that I can still achieve the goals I set for myself.

I feel that I’m being catapulted and everything that has taken sooooooo long to get to this point – literally it’s felt like slow motion – has changed tempo to quadruple time.  But it’s all good.  I just have to remember to pause and enjoy the moment lest I let the moment pass and it will be gone forever.



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