About This Blog

Welcome to my Graphic Design Blog

I’m a student at Foothill College in the Graphic and Interactive Design program, working toward my degree in Graphic Design.

The impetus behind starting this blog is to serve as a requirement for my History of Graphic design class.  To create a place that allows for deeper investigation of course topics. However I’d like to continue my Blog journey long after my class ends so that I may develop a deeper opinion of Graphic Design as I discover my own particular voice.  Besides it’ll be interesting to review how my style evolves and changes over time.

Any way… A blog also provides me with a place for me to shamelessly self-promote and post some of my art as well as possibly get some un-biased feed back that hopefully offers me a wider perspective from the world at large. I’m looking forward to this experiment, this “tribute to my future” so to speak. It’s a beginning exercise in “putting myself ‘out there’ into the wider world where it’s not just friends and family with whom I will be interacting with. Thus my hope is for an honest and exciting exchange of ideas.

With that I leave you with a photograph of, what I think, is a beautiful image of Graffiti. This image was taken near Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. The town itself was called Function Junction. I hiked out to an old train wreck where Graffiti Artists were brought in to paint the wreck as it was too expensive to remove it. The artistry was simply stunning.

Graffiti Art
Graffiti inside train wreck at Function Junction near Whistler, British Columbia, Canada.

Happy designing!


2 thoughts on “About This Blog”

    1. Thank you for your comment! I hope to keep this blog evolving as I evolve in my discovery and education. Stay tuned and we’ll both see what comes next!


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